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Boom Town Lacrosse

#Let the kids play


Full defintion of let the kids play

movement   |   [let] [th uh] [kidz] [pley]

Boom Town is a movement.  It's simple, empowering the next generation through passion.  Be a good role model, especially to those younger or less experienced.  Do what you love and draw no line between work and play. Live with virtue and integrity.  We aspire to evolve with the community we inspire, and move Boom Town beyond just a lacrosse brand.  With this mindset and motivation we craft every idea, product, and event.  


What it means to:  Let The Kids Play

:  have fun

:  let passion drive everything you do (living & playing)

:  do not take yourself too seriously

:  do what you love and you will not know the difference between work and play

:  anti-early recruiting

:  everybody does not get a trophy

:  jump high-five & celebrate

:  thumbs up

: do not live through your children or scream from the sideline


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