Boom Town Lacrosse’s camps are designed to provide participants an opportunity to become better players while having fun.  We strive to help young players reach their true potential by reinforcing fundamentals, exposing them to advanced skill sets and techniques that will help improve their game.  We believe that this is only possible by creating a positive and comfortable learning environment by surrounding our participants with counselors that are not only capable of coaching at a high level, but being good role models, because we believe it is our responsibility to teach young men and boys how to conduct themselves on and off the field.

We will be offering our day camp to Elementary and Middle schoolers, in addition to Jr. Boomers available for pre-elementary campers.  Participants will be separated according to age and skill level.  From experience we have found that players as young as 2nd grade are capable of participating in a full week of camp.  Some of our younger participants prefer a half day, which we will be accommodating in the form of Jr. Boomers.  Since all children are different and parents know their children best, we will leave the decision on what group to participate in up to the parents.  





2nd-8th Grade




K-2nd Grade