Denver Boom is a competitive lacrosse club run by Dillon Roy (Denver Outlaws) which competes in Summer, Fall, and Winter events. Our goal is to create a fun environment where players are eager to learn and work hard to become better.  We believe that teaching players character lessons through the sport of lacrosse is the most important lesson we can offer.  We pride ourself on having an exceptional coach to player ratio, and providing knowledgeable, fun coaches who can serve as role models for participants.


“You have opened the door for your players to contact you for assistance, not just with the game but with life. “

“My son is always into lacrosse but this staff inspired him to new heights. The highlight of his day was going to practice/games and he often wanted to be there WAY early. Thanks to all of you for adding more fuel to his lacrosse fire!”

“Don’t know what to say other than denver boom was a great experience all the way around for our son.  Making it all fun while learning is a great attribute!  If you are not having fun, what’t the point?  And to also be able to learn and sharpen skills at the same time is a bonus!!!  Thank you denver boom coaches!!!”

“Would you like your son to be a better lacrosse player…? Have him play for this staff. Would you like your son to have more fun while working his tail off…? Have him play for this staff.”